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December 6, 2009
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well no one told me about her. by lay-me-to-sleep well no one told me about her. by lay-me-to-sleep
my man's got a heart like a rock, cast in the sea.


She felt more like herself again, since their arrival in the Asylum Harley hadn't done much but sleep until the time was right to make their daring escape and little meeting. She didn't show any kind of effects of the fear toxin now. She wasn't tired, she'd been haunted with dreams because of the toxin up until recently. Harley well she was sleeping didn't need to fight off Harleen or the voices that told her Joker didn't love her. She knew better, why else would he send her a secret message to meet him up in the bathroom. Batman couldn't break Harley this time and entire could Arkham's walls themselves. Fingertips that where devoid of polish would still toy with the curls. She curved, pushing herself to him the best she could, of course the counter was separating them and all it did was make her lips push harder against his. Her only thought was Joker, she didn't care about the night stick that was resting against her shoulder, but she was aware the taser was there as well. The weapon she would use if need be. Moaning into his mouth, she gasped for air, feeling herself getting light headed, or that could have just been him. Her own eyes closed since she started the lip lock, she was careful not to be too wild with their bits of contact, scared about the clip in his mouth. She was still trying to push herself closer, or bring herself up or bring him down.

He'd break the intimacy, showing signs of reluctancy almost that dared to flash across his features. His expression faltering, keeping her tangled up in him as close as he could and almost attempting to hook his legs around the smaller blonde. Pad of thumb moved up and settled against her cheek daring to sweep away at the figments of paint that were no longer there. He felt he needed to confirm all the thoughts she might be having, so his words carried with them the conviction of a man whom had no doubt in what he said. "While we're in the asylum think of it as a little vacation of sorts. Soon we'll be back out amongst the populace. But for now it's R and R, isn't that right Pooh? So you mingle, you go to your sessions.. you have all the fun you want." His hand moving now he'd slide it along her side daring to hike that flimsy little shirt up and graze along that smooth hip. His mind was mingled with thoughts of what he'd have salivated at doing to her in this git up, in this familiar setting again. But as he'd travel his hand up he'd retrieve the security card from her while his mind raced for a place to put it. He knew this, this would be his ticket for spelunking along these halls now. Examining the card, he'd read the name before realizing he just had to get it into his cell. Looking to her, he'd dare to again force a kiss on her this time, pleased by her thievery and knowing that Smith whatever wasn't about to report his card missing after this mishap, maybe he'd even try to shake Harley down for it. That'd be a laugh he privately mused. Breaking that exchange he'd talk almost into her mouth refusing to pull again again. "Good girl getting Puddin the card too."

He never has so why shouldn't she believe him. Her own features showed the disappointment as he pulled away from her, but she didn't fret, noting his legs tangled up with hers. She had been a little scared about ending back up in the Asylum again, but there was a quick white wash of comfort, she knew he wouldn't lie to her. "What about you?" She asked her head pushing into his hand and even pushing a small kiss against his palm. She was worried about him, locked up in that cell all day, she knew they couldn't keep meeting like this, sooner rather then later something would be done to stop them. A gasping kind of moan came through, ripping whatever kind of thought process she once she felt his fingers against her hip. Smiling, she knew that he'd make better use of it then she would, in fact she was just waiting for the right time to give it to him. She had free access to the second floor, and soon she'd learn to of course slip out unnoticed. She started to speak her mouth parting as she was cut off by his lips, opting not to speak she went with it, her lips pulsing against his, her head moving forward again, encouraging him to continue. She felt like she wanted to melt when he praised her. "Anything for you Mister J." Of course that sounded like "Anything. For. You. Mist. -Ah..J" through the package of their lips. Harley's hands had left his hair long ago and now rested at the hip of his pants.

That contact remained close, as he'd dode over Harley now in his position. Mad lovers, only those two would be content to return to a nut house with the knowledge that a few walls separated them from each other. As he'd continue to place the occasional peck on Harley's sweet lips, he'd start working on ways to keep that contact coming. For now he didn't have any schemes or plans, he simply was left with a vacant space where that mind usually worked out webs of deceit. Stroking her cheek, his scars crinkling as he gave a sick smile, unfortunately they all seemed to come out that way, that clown daring to curve a hand up and fighting under the workings of the loose shirt and scoop a hold of one of those pert pair. He'd squeeze, a forceful and possessive gesture showing that her body was still his property and expecting like wise a echo of agreement from her. Before he could venture more than that though it came, the jerk of the door, and the violent push before shouts playing out. His eyes turned towards the door locked, knowing they didn't have much time. Drawing his own mouth inward, he'd pop his lips before letting his gaze linger on Harley and again talking. "I'll see you rrrrrrrrreal soon kid." Joker's void evaporated in an instances as he knew how he'd get ahold of Harley and get some real alone time. Doubting she'd get as much punishment under the protective blanket of friends she had here, he'd scrunch his nose abit as the beating got louder.

She was lulled into peace just like he had been earlier, she'd make a few efforts to return those soft kisses, hands moving over him, feeling him, making sure she could remember what he felt like even when he wasn't around. She had to remember him, a brief flash of the past falling over her. A session with Joanie echoing in her head, "what hurts the most, is I don't remember how he felt." Of course those sessions seemed to be girl talk more then a doctor analogizing her. Her eyes had left his face for a moment, trying to embaze in her mind how he stood, how much taller he was then her, even with his hunched down way of moving. But then she caught him smiling, to some people those smiles all seemed sick and twisted but Harley, she could tell the difference. She blushed, there was no grease paint to hide Harley's natural reaction when he touched her. Her face beginning to look even more flushed when she felt fingertips against her stomach, she offered him up a reaction when he grabbed at her tit, she moaned. Her eyes closing, taking in the symbolism of that. Without the Joker card, without the Harlequin outfit, she still belonged to him, it sparked that little bomb once more. She felt the need to look at him well he grabbed and claimed ownership over her, those big old blue eyes finding his again, seemed to wordlessly say. Always, she always knew that she belonged to him and she'd never forget that. His promise was once again met with Harley's lips, forcing them the best she could against his, she nodded. As the slams of fists and bodies against the door got louder, Harley would be quick, hiding her weapon of choice in the taser. She knew that would just make things worst for herself, a small little walk about the halls wouldn't hurt, at least not on her part. And she wasn't scared of what the guards would do to her, she knew they wouldn't dare touch a woman, but Joker. That was a different story, if they did get too rough with him, she'd be forced to just take it, she couldn't allow herself to attack and protect him.

He'd allow her to step away, slipping from the sink and giving a flash of a grin as he'd hear the kings jingling. Winding the wicked item in his hand, the known scraper was ready to pounce when the door opened. But a flash of hesitation hit him like a bomb when he caught a glimpse of Harley out of the corner of his eye. He seemed to feel a tickle in his brain at the thought of possibly of what could happen if he came to blow with the guards. It would likely enrage the blonde and put her in possible harms way. Staring at the door and giving a hard look at her, almost sternly, Joker would give a dour look that turned into a smile before he haphazardly tossed the stick away to the floor and let it roll aimlessly away. The door would fly open and the guards would begin yelling it, unnerved at the thoughts of traps most foul waiting inside for them. When they crept in, they would see Joker with a dour look and Harley off behind him abit. It was a entirely awkward situation as they cuffed him and started herding him out of the bathroom to a different cell. That mad man seeming abit defeated in his own witness to the fact he hadn't acted irrational despite himself. Led to a cell, the previous one rather smoked out for it's time, Joker would enter a similar cell only to let his gaze shift up towards the ceiling once more and the single vacant panels that rested overhead. A laugh came out as he realized it had just been his own cell, before holding that key card up and giving a rather dark grin as he spoke to himself. "I'm special."


Joker and Harley! With a log too. I know it's been a long while.

Yes, I know I've been rather hush hush about the third ark (because that one is a bitch to make into manips and I don't even know what's going on until it happens. But I'm having so much fun with it), but that log is from the third ark.
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