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we can play rough and tumble. by lay-me-to-sleep we can play rough and tumble. by lay-me-to-sleep
That camera would turn the right way to go, spinning to slip his palm into the leather leash and allow him to press it against his eye. On buzzed the image, as he saw the red light flashing to say record. Spinning in his narrowed vision, he'd give a slight fiendish giggle, that clown's movement moving in a quick jaunt down the stairs that spiraled around and around before he'd come with a slight jolt in his final landing. That voice, that always seemed to drip with a tinge of cynicism, rattling up ever darkly. "Here we are at.. the happy home. There's Harley.. wave hi Harley." Camera trained on her a second, before he'd drift into the kitchen and move to swing that fridge open, then the ice box. Loking for something to eat suddenly. Hand moving to shift and push things out of the way.

She blinked a little unsure of were he got a camera, she hadn't remembered him getting one, but that didn't matter. Cameras were nothing new for him, if she remembered correctly. That was hard enough task, she didn't remember her life before a few weeks or months ago. Following orders she'd wave excitedly for him, palm of her hand pushing against her lips as she blew a kiss in his and camera's general direction. "Hi world..." She giggled, now she was getting curious and no longer did she want to say perched on that coach, she followed him. Quiet at first, ready to dash back up the stairs if he yelled at her for following him.

Shifting through, he found nothing of interest until he peeled back that layer of tinfoil and discovered the remains of some sort of bird. Clasping at the leg of that turkey, sinew would be ripped and leg of bird would be shoved against that mouth and gnawed hungrily. Grease smearing across his paint, he'd give a wipe of that sleeve against the jaw and be intercepted by Harley. Moving forward and causing her to retreat, that camera remained on her now as he'd speak to his treasure. "Harley and I are having some nice and calm R&R after all the thrills we gave this city today. BOOM! Smithereens, heheh.. Harley shot someone. Didn't you Harley?" Trying to get her involved in this as he'd move to the view of the skyline and it's twinkling lights.

She was learning that he wasn't one for anything somewhat healthy. This was a loft with just one man living here and one of the first things Harley had done when she got there was play a bit of a homemaker and throw out whatever was rotting or had gone bad. The turkey was safe still, thankfully. Again she worried about his eatting and sleeping habits. She was never one to get in his way, she liked the words 'Harley and I' and a playful grin came on her face as he spoke to her. "Sure did", her arms raising and her hands clasping together and fingers coming into the shape of a gun, "right through the knee. Anything for my puddin'!" She said offering up a wink, she moved closer to him so she could see what he was seeing, her mind already cherishing that they could look back on this when they were old and gray, movies to show the grandkids.

That body calmed, as he swept the camera out amongst the several different buildings, pausing and giving a slight oo and ahhh. Nose scrunching up lightly, another hearty chomp and and he'd swallow that wad of meat. Leg was tossed carelessly away as he'd make a few small sucking noises getting that taste finished. Easing by again, he'd flop that frame across the couch and settle in. Legs sprawled open and holding the camera upon the TV as it again would show stills of their carnage. "You would think with all the fun we've been having that by now we've had someone coming about and ruining all our fun. Maybe he's scared. The cops are scared. Scared of what I can do. We're not scared though, that's the difference. Harley, are you scared?"

Pushing herself closer to him, the air of spring still cold against her half bare chest. Gotham never seemed like a warm place, she pushed herself even closer to avoid the flying turkey leg. Ending the evening by littering she saw. Sometimes he made her dizzy by how much he moved and how much she had to watch him. She look one last hard stare at the night sky before joining her Clown Prince, she gracefully she jumped from the little step that seperated the baloncy and the main room. She'd been practicing back handsprings from that very spot earlier. She didn't come and join him on the couch just yet, turning on her heels she saw TV showing the pictures of carnage, "Maybe he doesn't want to get involved his time." Hand on her hip she rolled her eyes, she knew she was wrong, but she didn't know Batman like he did. "I'm sure they'll think about coming, once they've removed themselves from the fetile position." Finger to her corset bound chest, she huffed at him, "Me? I ain't scared of some big. ugly. bat."

"That a girl." He spoke that with a oozing sense of approval and pride at his creation. Rolling the camera upon her he'd take on a directorial sense of the action. Moving to thumb the small panal upon the side of the camera and flick that cold meat he had been dining on. "This is Harley Quinn. See, Gotham, I realized that it's lonely at the top, so I decided to extend my hand out to one of you. And young Harley has willing and with no force offered to join me in the asylum you people call a city. You must admit she has.. some attributes." Self humor more to himself as he would mash a button that directed the zoom, drawing it into her chest as he'd chime in once more looking from the screen to her. "Have anything to say for the adoring public sweets?"


Guess whose's back? I am not leaving, I have reupped my stuff and chosen not to promote it on the jxhq groups and what not.

However, I'm being a little bit slow on everything because I am currently in the midst of a new puppy.

I love this manip for the longest time Harley was sitting there half done and I finished it up tonight.

Also! Big thanks to :iconrachelisnotdead: for buying me a three month subscription to dA. Her game plan worked, I did not leave dA!
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TheseViolentDesires Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait... You had to buy a subscription to dA? Is that just after a certain number of pics?
Yuurei69 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Gotta say its my fave :clap: good to hear your staying :D
lay-me-to-sleep Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
I liked the coloring of it, I try so hard to move away from my over-textured grunge-esque style and this turned out amazing.

I never really wanted to leave, I was and still am upset about Only Harley's Seen Him Cry getting taken down because it was the most popular one I had.
Yuurei69 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:( I really liked that one too a lot :( but you keep putting your work up cause it's your art and no one has the right to take it down. Hell even Im upset :X
lay-me-to-sleep Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
I believe everything is re-upped now. I think I got ToS'd so that's why I am not promoting it anymore - if people find it that's great. But I'm not really doing this for anyone else but Matt and myself.
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