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November 12, 2009
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until we bleed. by lay-me-to-sleep until we bleed. by lay-me-to-sleep
"You will all notice that you have a collar around your neck. I am to urge you not to tamper with it as it will send a small shock into you, persistent actions will cause a near catatonic inducing jolt of electricity, and although I tried my best, stepping outside of the compound will put you somewhere between fried and.. ah.. crispy. So, I'd encourage all of you to remain on the grounds of Arkham. As well, most members of the staff have been given a remote that can trigger a responses from the device, I tell you this not only for their safety, but for yours. Now, I-"

Joker recalled his tinkering with the device and the reaction it had triggered, as he continued to give a bored look at Doctor Strange, whom had been cut off by the whispering of one of the orderlies. The man acted delighted and quickly agreed with whatever despite the apparent pale tone the man had taken. Strange would notice the amount of curious eyes on himself, and would give a smile to the crowd. "I apologizes for the interruption, but it seems we have another of your associates coming in, and he just finished up with the small.. ah.. details. I'm sure most of you know"

Someone, or something howled, it was a bloody cry and what soon followed was the follow up of another cry of pain. It was hard to tell which one sounded more in agony at this point. From across the room the bulky form of Waylon, or Croc as most of the criminal underground knew him, was seen thrashing on the floor as a gusher of blood would be seen from a guard's cheek. Padding his face and seeing doctors and the like approach him, Strange would simply watch with a morbid fascination as the scene took place. Croc of course was climbing up and going to grab a passing doctor, only to again be sent down to the floor with another paralyzing shock. It continued, and Joker watched as drool literally leaked from the corner of his mouth. Clasping Harley's arm to prevent her motherly instincts from taking over, he'd take in the effects of just what the collar could do.

This collar thing didn't sit well with Harley, this was cruel. Her fears for Joker of course at the front of her mind, she looked for something to squeeze to touch, feel him, make sure he's still there the voice told Harley. They'd given almost of the staff a tool that could harm her Puddin', the jolts she hadn't experienced, had she, she'd learn that she wouldn't be able to take much, she was probably one of the smallest in the group. She listened to all of this, a shocked look on her face. She found who she was looking for Jeremiah Arkham, how could he allow this to happen? She stared at him, that bastard with his cane and crooked nose, she tensed, Joker probably feeling how her form almost went on guard. She began feeling herself wishing that she'd shot him, killed him, fed him to something! Harley still the sweetheart and nurturing person she was, cared about the patients in Arkham Asylum. Her jaw tightened, the stare on Arkham, the dirty look only leaving when she saw the on goings of Strange. Harley seemed confused, curious. She was ready for what she saw, Croc would always hold a special place in her heart. She'd taken to him almost right away, meeting him briefly well she was a doctor here, she was one of her patients, the only one who didn't seem to mind that he was sharing doctors with Joker. He was the one who helped so much on those nights of terror. He was the only one of Joker's men that she trusted. She considered him a friend because he didn't try to eat her. "What are you doing to him!?" Harley screamed, as she watched Croc hit the floor in pain, all sorts of emotions running through her. It was overkill at this point to Harley. It'd been a good thing that Joker had grabbed her when he had. She felt herself pull like she was going to run and help him. But was stopped when she felt the spidery fingers of her beau wrap around her arm. Now she watched in utter horror as Croc drooled, a part of her thought Croc would never be the same again. The blond's head once again turning towards Joker, she ever the bleeding heart couldn't take anymore.

It'd have been a darn shame for Joker if he hadn't been so interested in what the effects were. Strange looked rather quizzically at the scene before nails scraped at the tuff of hair upon his chin. Forcing a smile he'd linger a moment before opening his arms and giving a slight shrug to one and all.

"Well, as you can all see, this is what will happen if you act out. I trust you all will behave. Now, I'm going to have some one on one time with some of you, I think first on the list is Miss Isley. Do not think for a second though any of you are above the need and call of this facility. My door is always open, at the very end of the hall. I'm sure Miss Quinn and Crane know where that is. Just a joke friends between colleagues. Good day, and Miss Isley if you would?"

He'd open the arm, hand holding a clipboard before pointing towards the door. The orderlies were getting Croc up to his feet, now that he was about as defenseless as a limbless man. Joker didn't see any need to release Harley just yet, watching the display and suddenly catching the approach of Dr. Strange towards the couple, his big fake smile and his big ugly face. He would produce an envelope from his jacket, giving a once over at the room before handing it off to Harley and giving a slight nod. Joker of course would snatch it before it could pass to Harley and simply hold it away from the two with an indignant look on his face. "No passing love letters to the girl Strrrange."

Through her teeth Harley hissed into the scrubs Joker was wearing, "He wasn't misbehavin', someone probably just provoked him." Teeth embedded so deep in her lip now, she thought she tasted blood, but she knew she couldn't sit there and sob into Joker's chest. Had he just brought Croc in here to show what could happen? There was a small twitch that came from Harley, that was muffled and hidden thanks to Joker. She'd composed herself just long enough to see the red head stand and walk towards the door, her flirty manner ever apparent as she blew a kiss to Doctor Strange, she made Harley look like an amateur. Her head once again buried deep into the wiry frame of her Puddin. Crane of course shooting a look to Strange as he made the joke, Jonathan always seeming the most bitter about what he lost. Well Harley could have cared less that she lost her job and her license. All that appear-ant as she clung to Joker as tight as she could. Even if she felt safe that close to Joker, she always did, she shuddered deep into him when Strange came close to them. From her hiding place of her blond pigtails and Joker's scrubs she looked at the letter that was meant for her. She had looked to the letter, she played that she didn't care what he had to give her. But of course that was lie, she wanted to see it. Eyes cast upwards to Joker as he made his comment or threat depending on who you asked and adoring smile forming on those bare lips as he was once again claimed her as his own.

He'd free up enough of his arm to clasp the fold of the letter and rattle it abit, sliding it to and fro before finding the content's too small to be a sort of letter. So he turned it's on it's side and clasped the end before tearing it free and upside down again. Hugo made his way off towards the door and after his first appointment without a mind in the world to see if Harley got it or what her reaction might be. Flat palm was held aloft to catch the tumbling object, a familiar sight to the pair. Red and gold, turned over to reveal the playing card that they both knew. The Joker. He wasn't blind enough to catch the symbolism here, picking up on each person's ideas. Ivy with her plants. Albert with his dummy. He even caught the burlap sack, probably not the original one, but a good enough make shift one, that Crane could make a mask out of. Holding the card up, he'd stare into the grinning fool on it's surface, it was her card, that he had entrusted to her. Without Joker, there'd be no Harley. Unsure as if to take this as a threat, he'd clasp the object and slide it directly into the seam of her baggy pants, right on the hip like old times sake. Arms going to fold around her, he'd speak almost as if he didn't care she heard what he had to say. "Looks like I'm going to have to get rid of another.. doctor..." The sound of molar's grinding against one another was heard as he'd grit those dingy teeth and mutter under his breath at the current state the hospital had been put in. Regardless, he could safely say that with ol Doc Strange around, it was atleast going to get a hell of alot more chaotic.

a/n; Dr. Hugo Strange is portrayed by Anthony Hopkins.
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You have all my admiration. They we shall both miss. Thank you for this homage.
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