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SICK bubblegum. by lay-me-to-sleep SICK bubblegum. by lay-me-to-sleep
She had made an rather loud noise when the cars came together for impact. Almost like she didn't know it was coming, probably because she didn't. Shooting Joker a look, that screamed warning next time. She'd allow him to exit the car first, her door wasn't so bad, so she was able to open it. Even if she had to push it open with her feet, booted feet would give one strong kick and she managed to gain some freedom. Sliding out of the car she'd stretch upward and curve her back backwards hearing what she needed to hear. She'd soon regain the pep in her step, straigthening out her pigtails. She'd jokingly look at the damage done to their car and then his. Chuckling to herself and mumbling something about a deductible, she'd start up to join Joker at his side. "Which one Puddin?", of course it was meant as a joke but she did have good amount on her, grabbing the first one she could find she'd reach over and hand him the gun. "Safety's off." and lets be honest, when wasn't it?

Her comment was given, and he'd take the gun before holding it up and aiming down the sights. Turning to admire the gun for a second, he'd again raise the weapon up once more to attempt and make a aimed shot on the fleeing man. Assuming he had a good aim on the leg, he'd pull his head to the side and fire absently. He missed, perhaps on purpose, ricoheting off the gravel and dirt of the ground, but getting a rather large squeal of shock and a tumble from the man. Joker was pausing in his step, knowing he had panic, and then offered a rather garish look to her before smiling pleasantly to her. "Run him down." He had no doubt she could take him down in the flightful state, and the thought of Harley springing on the larger out of shape man had him laughing. Plus, when did he have her do muscle work? There was seconds of pause before he'd calmly speak up through the hysterics of the man weaving through the metal beams of the construction site. "Gently. I wouldn't want you to break anything." Of course, he meant her. Hoping of all hopes that she would atleast make him sprain something in her take down.

"Ya've ohffically lost ya damn mind, ya know that right?" This was Harley Quinn, and she could barely jump on top of Batman and make him stumble and now he wanted to make her run him down. She never did any of the muscle work! She gave him a look, and all she knew was that she had to do this or there'd be hell to pay later. However that didn't stop her from giving him her best puppy dog eyes and of course the saddest pout the little doll could muster, "Ya promise da ya won't keep me waiting, right?", at least his concern for her was refreashing, and being ever so thankful that she was wearing some what flat boots she took off in a slow trot, warming up first and trying to spot where he was, once she started him she began to pick up speed gaining on him. She was a gynmast not a runner but she could sprint, and that's when instinct took over. Gaining on him she'd routate forward and begin to start springboarding until she was on top of the man and on top of him. She knew that without that kind of momentum she would not make him even notice her, wounded or not.

He however was following, not daring to run at all. Infact, you could place his speed somewhere between pleasant stroll and being assisted by a walker. He had the utmost faith in his hench wench, so much so he took his eyes from the chase upward with that usual sneaking suspicious he was being watched. Not that if he *was* here he'd ever be able to see him. When Harley landed upon the man's back, he'd give a rather horrid shriek and fall down upon the ground, eating the dirt and immediatly finding his nose busted in the impact. The slight tipping of weight had set him off balance, and now he was attempting to claw back up to his hands and knees, which was easy for the portly man despite the added weight. But when he looked over his shoulder, he'd bellow more and literally start to cry. He couldn't get up no doubt from the small fisted beating that was being enforced, and Joker would ultimately catch up before moving to shoot him point blank in the foot amongst the scuffle.

"Wee!" She squealed as she hit the poorly bastard square on the back, well she didn't stick the landing like she was taught, she did land right flat on him. She could hear and even feel the crunch of his nose on the ground below them. Messing around she'd reach for another one of her guns, but felt the man start to crawl up to his hands and knees, and she'd topple of him. Well she giggled, Joker could tell she was panicking as she scrambled searching for her gun. Feeling she needed to keep him down she lunged for him her fingers balled up and making her hands just start pound down on him, aiming for his one visible weakness, the broken nose with blood gushing down on it. She squeaked when she heard the gun go off behind her, wand well she should have been upset about a gun being fired so close to her, she knew her Puddin', was a good shot.

There was no real look of excitement on his face now as his hellish pixie was playing the good cop of sorts in this exchange. Joker's features were dire, wearing his perfectly painted face, hollowed black eyes lingering on him as Harley kept perched in her spot to pseudo weigh him down. And then he revealed why he held such confidences in her actions. "Hi Mickey. Still afraid of clowns?" The man was shuddering, more so at the fact that Harley was still near him and the other monster was lurking about him with that confidences of a cat with a cornered mouse. Walking about his downed form, the sound of the gravel crunching under his soles, he'd make the U around his shape before finding that injured foot. Joker proceeded to step upon the wound, putting all his weight on it and getting a scream out of him.

ARTIST NOTE; this was supposed to be an obvious nod to her attire in Arkham City, and then I remembered, I've had her in THAT outfit for probably six months before Arkham Asylum was released. With that being said, which one of you works for Rocksteady?
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CristianPucci92 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Bad girl! :D
MistahJoker Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
... I love this.
lay-me-to-sleep Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
thank you.
WritingSchizo101 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011
I am not allowing myself to read your work just yet, as I am working on my own novel and sometimes reading messses with my brain or something. However, I wanted to say this picture is so nice!! I love her makeup. Did you have to change the colors of her outfit?
lay-me-to-sleep Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
thank you. her pants were made red and black, and i added the jewerly and arm band other then had it was just her make up.
romanceofcrime Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your writing is the best, best, best, best.
lay-me-to-sleep Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
thank you.
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