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Nothing in my Way. by lay-me-to-sleep Nothing in my Way. by lay-me-to-sleep
"and why do you lie. when you want to die. when you hurt inside? don't know what you lie for anyway. now there's nothing left to say.

well for a lonely soul you're having such a nice time."

-keane, "nothing in my way."


His hands seemed to tighten about that metal pole, rusted and worn from neglect. Leather causing bits to flake off and chip and sending a shower of ugly brown to the floor below. His neck was craned down, staring at the floor some 20 feet below and giving a whimsical thought to one of his close encounters with death, and how he had openly laughed at it. Harley's mouse like movements had never not caught his eye, from the batty girl flirting around in the background while he talked to loyally aiming enough fire power to flatten a small tank at unarmed people. Devotion, it almost touched him briefly, but his limber form seemed to stretch as though it was straightening, and he spoke to her. Somewhat alone for the time being, he'd speak to her in a similar tone as to when they had been locked up in Arkham together. He saw her as much a prisoner at the time as him, devilish smile eating away at his face, the only way to describe what those scars did to that once handsome visage. "Harley, you don't feel it like I do, do you? It's never going to stop, and even though I ask for it, it.. weighs me down. Even if he's not here right now, he's watching me. He's.. going to bring it all down on us one way or another. You know what happens to the bomb when the fuse winds all the way down?" He had left the support of the railings, and would move to clap his hands sharply infront of her, that sound stirring up the men but seeing it was just Joker being Joker, they returned to the lone television. "I ask myself some times, what's the point!? Batman. I sometimes think this is going to be how this plays out, until one of us dies. I hate the son of a bitch, but I know I'm going to keep breaking out just to piss him off. But.. things get are getting complicated. Complications." He'd move from her towards the cooler that had been brought, rummaging through and lifting free some bottle. "Me? I'm a fixer though. Of all these.. complications. Cheers, Pooh." And he raised a toast to Harley, going as if he was going to take a swallow of whatever these numbskulls had dug up from their pillaging of the neigborhood.


This one is completely and utterly for Matt. He picked Nothing in my Way as a song for the two of them and it actually does truly work. He's lying through his teeth the entire time. For a lonely soul he really does like having her around.

The manip itself is black and white because Matt liked it simple with no real effects and what not, just the two of them back to back. And after much debate and futzing with it of my own I had to agree.

I'll let you figure out what the little bit from the storyline means but without a doubt The Fourth Night is probably my favorite night.
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SpiderGrimm Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
This is fantastic, but what will Molly think!!
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I'm going to cry! Brilliant!
YAMIvsHIKARI Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2009   Writer
awesome :] i love it.
scarecrow1031 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009
always good
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I take it you like it?
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yea lol
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