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My heart is Black and my Body is Blue. by lay-me-to-sleep My heart is Black and my Body is Blue. by lay-me-to-sleep
The man would watch her slip off, and for a second regretted that he was able to quickly slip into one of those orange jumpers that Arkham was so giddy to hand out to all of it's lovely looney paitents. He'd have to make due with the way things were, and when she came back into his presences in the old false mannerisms, he'd think about how he broke open her shell and ate her insides, though in a manner that was entirely more sexual than he phrased it in his warped skull. Expert opinion drew a rather dry laugh from him, and he'd move to prop his elbows upon the table and prop his chin up while staring at the woman who was drawn to sit with him. Though they were now married and far away from that insane courting phase they shared, he was not without his own haunting familiar mannerisms he used to force on her. "Well, Doc, I've got lots of things to share with you. But you always keep that the goodies hidden away so much I feel like it's not a two way street. Give and take. But.. eh.. perhaps you're right." He'd slump a bit, his arm moving to support him while he'd peer around the room ominously, taking in the sights and sounds and the other things that had been added into his surronding. "It's all this. The made life style. It doesn't fit. I get what it's about. The power. And power is ownership over things. A building. A few souls. But at the heart of it.. I almost miss the hotel rooms, the dead desk clerks, and knocking over a vending machine to have dinner. I know the missus likes this.. but I feel like I'm getting.. *soft*."

She couldn't help but bring a little bit of sexiness to this, legs crossing gave a small shot of the black lace she was sporting under her dress. Her brows raising when he told her he had a lot of things he wanted to share with her. She had a feeling where this was going or so she thought. She thought in a matter of minutes he'd have her bend over the able, but imagine her shock when he actually started to talk, and reveal what had been bothering him. Her expression soften from minx to concern for a moment. She loved Grin and Bare It, she loved their loft, she loved the fact that she was in the same bed every night. And she was ashamed to admit that she never even once asked or thought of if he liked it. She'd just assumed, since he allowed them to remain here. Now, he was telling her all of these things, "You feel you've got soft because of the living situation now? But you choose do to this for your wife. Have you ever considered talking to her about it? Expressing your feelings to her? Maybe would understand. Would going back to the hotels make you happy?"

He hadn't put out the thought of taking her over that table yet and pounding away at her till she was disheveled and probably drooling from his overdrive of sex. Of course when he told her these things he hadn't been actually thinking of himself telling Harley, already deep into the act of sorts as he'd begin to pick at the table gently while looking over his own thoughts privately for a second. Then she spoke to him in that typical mannerism, looking for him to expound on what he said and open up more to the statements already made. "We're centralized now.. it makes us easier targets. Do you know why I kept us moving around so much? Easier to track. I mean The Bats has a pin on this place, I'm honestly surprised he's not comeback. Sure we've been pretty secretive but it's just a manner of time till he sticks his nose back in our business. And then what? We're not the settling down types.. and as much as I enjoy the picture of Harley laughing and throwing golden dublooms in the air.. I see it as one big bulleyes. This whole life style. Money.. it's not about the dollar bill. It's about *security*. I'm not in the mood for another stint in Arkham, gets harder every time to get back out." His fingers snaked across as he'd move to slide the notepad from her hands and hold it out for himself to see, of course he was looking at it upside down. It occured to him he couldn't tell if it was the grocery list or his plans either. Hurmping, he'd slide the other hand and sneak her pen from her as well.

Under the guise of what could only be Harleen Quinzel, she was listening as Harley Quinn. She unsure if at that moment, he'd forgotten he was talking to her or not, but in her roll of doctor, she felt she was easier to speak to then that little murderess he'd made in his likeness. It made sense, she thought, they were just sitting ducks, and she knew that no matter what, they didn't have mean who were good enough to fight off the Batman, here there wasn't enough protection from him. The word Arkham was uttered and she had to stop herself from shuttering right then and there. She didn't want to go back either, she knew how hard it was, she'd escaped there by herself that last time. She lifting her fingers from the tablet, she'd let the light hit the diamonds on her finger. "You make good points and she probably didn't even know that was your reason for moving around. So what would happen to this place? Would you allow it to just fall into stambles, use it as storage or just take what you could and get out? Start the constant moving all over again?"

He'd give a heavy sigh, knowing he'd not even considered what exactly to do in this whole ordeal. Those vacant eyes shifted for a moment, looking past the woman to behind her as though he was taking in some sort of sight behind her. He knew it wasn't actually there, but it didn't stop him from taking a moment to imagine something which he shared with her outloud. "I'd burn it down to the ground. With everything of ours in it, and everyone we didn't need left in it. And then when the ashes settled we'd drive off." He focused on her, that hint of those brows shifting upwards as he gave a tightening of his face and flashed a tense smile. "But no. That wouldn't be what I'd do. After all.. it's our little *love nest*. It'd stay, we wouldn't, but I wouldn't shut it down for two reasons." A pair of fingers would flash before her, those digits fluttering back and forth lazily as he'd softly talk to her now. "One. Harley took a real shine to the place. Plus.. it's hers. The only thing of hers I like to take away from her is her choice of which.. orafice of hers I take a liking to that night. If something does happen to me, and let's be honest here doc. This line of work has a high fatality rate, I'd like to think she's taken care of. And two.." His crude mouth would hang open before shifting his eyes back onto her and giving a nasty smile as he said the next part. "It screams me, and if there's no legitimate reason to shut it down aside from a little friendly rub and tug or a late liqour license, it'll drive *him* crazy." He of course meant his bestfriend in the whole world, The Batman. *

She was finding to stay in the character of the doctor now, but she couldn't help but be touched by his concern about her, if something happened him. But went without saying that if something did happen to him, she'd be right behind him. Either by her own hand or by someone elses. She'd often imagine herself as a sitting duck without him, nevermind the fact that she could shoot and knew how to manipulate whatever kind of man or woman she needed to. She could probably at least get herself out of whatever danger she could have managed to find herself in, at least in that moment and work from there. Clearing her throat, she tried to stop the smile from creeping on her face, "well, considering when we first met you didn't care about anyone, not even yourself. I have to admit, I admire your choice to leave it standing. Even with the promise of irrating Batman. Which I'm sure it will. And because you did so well on that, I'm not even going to bring up the fact that you don't seem to mind that you are basically committing rape on your wife. Unless she likes that kind of thing." They both knew, she did. "so, are you going to tell her what you wish to do?", of course it wasn't like she just hiding somewhere, she'd heard all of it, and she was fine with leaving. They'd leave tonight if he wanted too.

He'd listen to her with a look that was as if he was half listening to her. The Joker's mind was always keen to wander, and this was almost the same sort of situation that would tug him away from paying full attention. At the mention of the rape he'd give her a baffled look before he broke the little scenario to be funny. "You never complaind before.. now or then." Showing he was somewhat aware of what was happening all around them, he'd show a brief lapse of that gruff and cruel exterior by flexing a rather dark smile at her and daring to reach his hand out. Fingers plucked the bridge of the glasses as he'd slide them from her face and dare to reveal those baby blues that he found to be her most nourishing quality. The topsy turvey emotional rollercoaster that was The Joker would allow his voice to soften, though in truth it still had that hinge of unsettling nature as he spoke. "Not tonight. Let her have one more night here." The man's hands had moved to fold the glasses ear pieces inward and calmly set them down infront of them, a brief glance around the small room that they had taken to naming their home before he repeated what he said with a faint hint of fondness on his words, while allowing his gaze to slowly shift back onto the woman and figure. "One more night here."
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